Sophie’s Inheritance

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A Devon Life mag Summer Read!

Although I’ve written many books over the past twenty-five years, they have all been in the non-fiction, Mind, Body & Spirit genre.

I really wanted to write a novel, and eventually got down to the task last year. What a surprise to find how different writing fiction is!

A totally fresh approach and mindset are needed, as well as a really intense level of research to make sure that, although historical fiction is just that – fiction – there has to be a high level of factual material as well.

So, it took me a fully occupied six months or so, but I’ve now added a lovely new book  to my tally, and, although I doubt that J. K. Rowling need worry about the competition, I just hope that it can make some headway in a very difficult market. Publishing isn’t what it used to be; all the rules have changed.

“Sophie’s Inheritance” is a historical, romantic story with a twist; it includes a time-travelling feature that enables modern-day Sophie to become involved in a love match spanning five hundred years, in the time of King Henry VIII in 1540. This is a very interesting, hugely pivotal period in the history of England, and I loved every minute of the research involved!

Coincidentally, the TV series of “Tudors” has recently been repeated on BBC TV, and it was even more fascinating to watch than the first time round, a few years ago. At times, I felt quite at home in the period!

Anyway, here’s the cover of the book, and details of where it’s available, if you like historical romance.

This book is also an interesting example from a publishing point of view: The printed version’s retail price has to be £8.99 to allow for the high costs of distribution and bookshop discounts – on average, around 70% of the RRP.

On the other hand, we’ve priced the Kindle version at 99p, As a new face in the fiction genre, my name has to re-establish itself, and who’s going to spend £5 or more on a new-name ebook, when there are zillions of self-published titles around, with a fair amount of dross to watch out for?

Table of Contents

Contents 1

Contents 2

Contents II










Sophie’s Inheritance is the first of Sophie and Sir Thomas’ Tudor tales…

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